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Fuel co Secure Airtag case is designed for the Apple AirTag, it is a full-cover protective case. The case fully covers the AirTag on all sides to protect it from scratches and accidental drops while also keeping out dust and smudges for a clean look. The slim composition preserves the clean and simple AirTag design, and the high-quality polycarbonate material is lightweight so it's easy to carry and is anti-yellowing to stay clear longer. Make use of all the AirTag's features with zero hindrance. You can hear any alerts and notifications from the AirTag even from a distance, thanks to the acoustic space between the AirTag and case that amplifies all sounds through the open speaker hole on the case. Fuel co Secure incorporates an innovative twist-to-lock mechanism that keeps your AirTag secure in the case against drops on hard floors, and it cannot be accidentally opened while you’re on the go. Easily attach your AirTag anywhere with the included carabiner to never lose the important things in life. The Fuel co Secure looks great on backpacks, keys, pet collars, and any other essential accessory or device.
Installation 1. Place the AirTag into the case's main body with the stainless steel side facing down. 2. Place the clear cap on top with the speaker hole facing the carabiner loop. 3. Fully twist the cap to the right to lock it in place. 4. To Remove: Twist the cap to the left and pull it off with the edged groove on the bottom.

Fuel co Front & Back Case for Apple Airtag (Shock Proof)

SKU: Airtag Hybrid Black
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